His and Hers Redneck Toothbrush Set

Product#: 44105

The Billy-Bob HIs & Hers Redneck Toothbrush Set is a great gag item for people who might be lacking in the tooth department. When you don't have a full set of teeth, you certainly don't need all those excess bristles that most "normal" toothbrushes have (they just get in the way!).... That is our philosophy. Although we have yet to find a dentist that agrees with us, we also haven't found one that didn't laugh when they saw these darn things! This toothbrush makes a great gag gift and a perfect stocking stuffer!  It also makes a great accessory for our Billy-Bob Teeth. Stick these in your front pocket while sporting our teeth, and pull them out when it's time to give oral care advise to your friends and relatives!
Only: $5.00