The History of Billy Bob

As the name Billy Bob Teeth Incorporated implies, our company's origin has a toothy beginning. Our very first product was the world famous Billy Bob Teeth. When a dental student named Rich Bailey met an entrepreneur in the making, Jonah White, in the fall of 1993, history was made and they changed the way the world forever puts on their smile. The location was a college football game at Jonah's alma mater, Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

This story and many more are outlined further in Jonah's book,
"The Billy Bob Secret To: Life".

Jonah White recalls, "I was trying to watch the game with 15,000 other spectators and here comes this hillbilly across the stands with these bucked-out teeth talking and flirting with the crowd and cheerleaders. He was so confident insisting that he was better looking than Mel Gibson and not being shy, asking for multiple girls' phone numbers in the same sentence. Only out of complete luck did I meet Rich after the game and get let in on his secret of the 'Billy Bob Teeth.'"


"Rich and I became friends and he taught me how to make the Billy Bob Teeth. Up to that point, he had only made 3 pair!"

Today, the Billy Bob Teeth Company has manufactured over 20 million Billy Bob Teeth, selling to over 95% of the countries in the world!

Our company "sunk its teeth" into the novelty market even deeper in 1998 with the invention of the "Billy Bob Pacifier". An actual baby pacifier adorned with oversized buck teeth on the face shield. "We had our first baby that August and I was so put out that all the pacifiers out there were so boring.", recalls Jonah. With this addition to our line of products, the Billy Bob Teeth Company opened up even more global markets.

Within the span of just a few years our pacifier assortment grew from a handful of novelty pacifiers to over 70 designs. Most quite tasteful. This is one of our most successful product lines currently. All in all over 300 items are manufactured and sold worldwide by Billy Bob Incorporated.

Our most recent addition to our product line came from Rich Bailey's expertise as a dentist. "I've been helping people improve their smile for 10 years now as a licensed dentist. Many people just do not have the money or time to seek the audience of a dentist. Let's face it - conventional dentistry is expensive. Some people need an inexpensive route to fix their smile," Rich said. So Rich unveiled "Dr. Bailey's The Secure Smile," a do-it-yourself smile makeover kit. Already selling in Europe, Australia, Japan and the Middle East, the Secure Smile adds yet another dimension to this already "outside the box" company.